CEO & President

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Chief Program Officer

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Julie Hinkemeyer


Program Manager

Julie has lived in Spokane her entire life. Growing up in Spokane made her appreciate family and how important they are to her. Sports was Julie’s middle name with all the activities she was involved with during her school years. But, addiction was always at her door. She has experienced mental health struggles and drug addiction, and she went through many treatment centers on her path to recovery. The death of a child and her husband of 10 years overdosing pushed her in the direction of becoming a peer. Julie motivated herself through empathy to recover and aid many others on their path. She

has started a new career to help others at Peer Spokane; she welcomes all into a judgment-free and safe place at Peer Spokane with unconditional acceptance and positive regard. 



Peer Services Specialist

Andrew was born in the Spokane area. Raised by a struggling single mother, he and his two sisters were exposed to adversity early on. Andrew suffered from depression and anxiety from an early age. After dropping out of high school very early, he spent most of his adolescence and young adulthood living in social isolation. He eventually returned to school with aspirations to be a therapist but was held back by his crippling anxiety & depression and, despite faring well, was forced to drop out. The pandemic forced him to reflect on his life. Through therapy and self-care, he faced some hard truths about himself and recently came out as gay. Recovery has been a long, hard-fought road for Andrew, and he is eager to share his experiences with others and help them on their journey to recovery. In addition to his lived experience, Andrew brings years of clerical experience and office management expertise and is honored to share that with the Peer Spokane team. He looks forward to working with the local community and growing as an individual and a professional. 



Peer Services Specialist

Marsha was born in Yakima. She was removed from her biological parents and raised by her grandmother until 11. After her grandmother's death, she moved to Los Angeles with her mother, where her addiction became increasingly worse. By 1990 she moved to Spokane, Washington, to have a clean start and a better life but kept doing drugs and spiraling down until, at the age of 40, CPS got involved and took her kids. This was the life-changing turning point in Marsha's life. She got involved in community recovery groups and began putting the pieces back together that she had lost from drugs and alcohol. She then regained custody of her children and took parenting classes and training so that she could be the parent that her kids deserved. After going through all the hardships, Marsha realized her experience could help others, so she started advocating for families working with social workers, CPS, and judges for stronger family reunification. After working with families, she decided she wanted to become a CPC to inspire strength, hope, and resilience and has been doing that work in our community since 2015.