Peer Spokane is a  program of Peer Seattle

Peer Spokane envisions individuals in communities connected by the shared values of health and well-being, personal development, and compassionate support of one another.

Our Mission

Peer Seattle is a non-profit corporation that cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing peer emotional support and development services to the LGBTQ community and their allies embracing issues of mental health, chemical, and behavioral addiction, and chronic illness. 

Our Vision

Peer Seattle envisions a community of peers connected by shared experience in compassionate support of one another.


Peer Spokane Charter

Peer Spokane, a program of Peer Seattle has been established to further the mission of Peer Seattle to our allied community in Spokane County while preserving a safe space for LGBTQ identified individual to receive services. The Executive Director of Peer Seattle shall serve as the Executive Director of Peer Spokane and will employ an Associate Director of Peer Spokane who identifies as a peer with lived experience who maintains residence in Spokane County. The Associate Director will act under the direction of the Executive Director to fulfill the obligations of this charter within the mission of Peer Seattle. Peer Spokane shall provide the core programs of peer coaching and peer facilitated support groups. Programming provided by Peer Spokane in addition to these core programs will be based on community informed needs in the Spokane County area as funding permits within the scope of the Peer Seattle mission statement. An Advisory Committee comprising Spokane County residents with at least 51% represented by peers with lived experience of behavioral health challenges will serve in advisement to the Board to provide feedback and direction on the operations undertaken at the Peer Spokane site. This committee shall consist of at least three members with at least one of those members joining the Peer Seattle Board as an active voting member. This Committee will convene a structured monthly meeting with the Associate Director for updates on the activities of the Peer Spokane location. This information will be shared with the Board of Peer Seattle at the monthly Board meeting by the voting representative(s) of this Committee with a supplemental Associate Director’s report to be included with the Executive Director’s report. The Committee will not be responsible for hiring, firing, directing or disciplining the Associate Director or any other staff employed at the Peer Spokane site. Feedback about employment will be raised to the Board of Peer Seattle and managed through the Executive Director. The Committee may also include other non-committee persons whose experience and qualifications may assist the Committee and the Board in the performance of their oversight responsibilities. A majority of the Committee members, present and voting, shall constitute a quorum. However, at all times a majority of the Committee and a majority of a quorum shall consist of one voting Board member. The Committee shall meet regularly or as called upon by the Chairman of the Committee, and shall maintain minutes of all meetings, which will be distributed to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


Peer Spokane Advisory Committee Charter:

The purpose of the Committee is to provide strategic planning support and policy oversight to ensure focus and direction of programs and services.

Acting with the Associate Director, the Advisory Committee is charged to:

• Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors of Peer Seattle policies and procedures governing the programs and services to be offered by Peer Spokane to its members.

• Provide policy guidance and consultation for the Associate Director in setting priorities for programs and services.

• Assist the Associate Director in the development of community engagement, events, and fundraising.


Approved by the Board of Directors – June 9, 2019

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Peer Spokane is a program of Peer Washington

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