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Supported Employment

Let Peer Seattle help you build or refresh your employment skills

Peer Spokane’s Supported Employment services provide members the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a vocational Peer Services Specialist to discuss employment and/or education goals.


We help members explore vocational opportunities like

  • provides training on topics such as interviewing

  • dressing for success

  • drafting a resume

  • assist members to assess the financial pros and cons of working with disabilities

Members are welcome to attend our vocational support group focused on employment challenges and successes throughout recovery. In addition, Peer Seattle regularly has vouchers available to assist with job-related expenses such as work-appropriate clothing, haircuts, and bus passes.

Click the button below to start the intake process. 

The Peer Spokane supports the message that anyone can work at a competitive paying job if provided with the resources and supports that they need.

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