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A: What you have is a copy of AutoCAD 2008, and it's not even the same edition as the one you purchased. Your license key won't work, so you'll need to contact Autodesk support to request a new one. Q: How can I install user extension on AWS Elastic Beanstalk? I am trying to install user extensions on AWS Elastic Beanstalk running Ruby 2.0. It works fine on my laptop but when I run it on Elastic Beanstalk it fails with an error: Restoring.ebextensions/01_use_user_extensions.config Extracting.ebextensions/01_use_user_extensions.config .ebextensions/01_use_user_extensions.config: line 5: : no such file or directory It's unclear to me what these files are and how to run them. In my.ebextensions/ there's no file named 01_use_user_extensions.config and it looks like the.config file is not extracting. Here is my.ebextensions/01_use_user_extensions.config: container_commands: 01_use_user_extensions: command: "sudo gem install aws-sdk-extensions" cwd: /opt/elasticbeanstalk/hooks/appdeploy/pre/ A: This is not a problem with the.ebextensions file. The problem is that when you run an EB CLI command (i.e. eb) it runs in the background and exits almost immediately. You can try using eb -c , which will force the CLI command to run in the foreground so you can see the output. If that still doesn't work, you can use the -v option to increase the verbosity of the CLI output. From the eb CLI help: -c, --command COMMAND Run command in foreground. Default: false So, if you run eb -c 'eb build' it will wait for the build to complete before exiting. Books may be borrowed from the library for personal use or for consultation with a librarian. No more than five books may be checked out at any one





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